Distance Sales Agreement

  1. Parties: This Agreement is made between Le Mazzini ("Seller") and the purchasing customer ("Buyer").

  2. Products: The Buyer purchases products offered by the Seller on the website.

  3. Order: Placing an order through the website constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

  4. Delivery: Products are delivered to the address provided by the Buyer. Delivery times may vary.

  5. Warranty and Returns: No warranty or return right is provided for the products.

  6. Payment: Buyer agrees to pay for products at prices specified on the website.

  7. Responsibilities: Seller bears no liability for obligations after product delivery.

  8. Disputes: Resolution of disputes is governed by the laws of [jurisdiction].

  9. Binding Agreement: This agreement is binding upon approval by both parties.

Seller: [Le Mazzini]

Buyer: [Buyer's Name]